Visiting Bradford-on-Avon

Here's a list of some places I've visited in BoA so far. The places in each section are listed from my most favourite to my least favourite, though I've enjoyed visiting all of the places I've listed. I denote with a star the places I particularly like. Phone numbers are included because I've found it useful when out and about with my phone to click on the number and just talk to a human. The area code for Bath and BoA is 01225, or +44 1225 from overseas. Other area codes are given along with the rest of the number if necessary.

Another option is to travel outside of BoA to nearby towns and cities like Bath or Frome, and for this, there's a separate list of recommendations.

The distances shown after each place's name are measured from RPUHQ.

Cafés and tea rooms



Takeaways and delivery

Options for delivery of food to your home are unfortunately few and far between in BoA. The delivery van symbol 🚚 is used to show the few places that will deliver food. The nearest town with lots of options is Trowbridge, about 5km away down the A363 (though some parts of Bradford-on-Avon are only about 1500m from some parts of Trowbridge). In spite of this situation, you can try Just-Eat, Uber Eats or Deliveroo to see what's on offer.

Interesting shops

Municipal facilities


Supermarkets, Convenience Stores and Farm Shops

Taxis and getting around

Note: It's sometimes worth checking ride-hailing apps like Uber (availability; counterpoint), which don't usually take requests to travel from BoA, to see whether they have cars in the area from other jobs.

It's good to support local businesses, though, and so far, these guys seem like the main taxi company in town:

Public transport may be a good alternative option. There are several bus routes that go through Bradford-on-Avon and there are several local railway stations on the so-called Heart of Wessex Line and Wessex Main Line, namely Bradford-on-Avon (BOA), Avoncliff (AVF) and Freshford (FFD). Departure boards and route planning are available on